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"I have asked  Aimée for very personal Tarot readings over the course of our 20-year friendship

and they have always been precise, compassionate, educational, insightful and positive. 

She honours the ceremonial aspect each and every time. 

But when I really knew she has 'the gift' was when

I thrifted a deck of cards from a shop years back and it was missing one card. 

I can’t remember which one now. I asked her about it.

Always the optimist and possessed of otherworldly confidence, darling Aimée said,

“oh ya, use the deck if you need to, the Oracle will work around the missing card”. 

That’s then I knew the ultimate trust Aimée has in the divine

is why I always leave her readings feeling so grounded and supported".

Jennifer Castle

Artist, in-person, phone, email readings

Lake Erie

I've been working with Aimee over the last year and love her down to earth readings. She works from a deeply generous and compassionate place - I always come away with fresh insights into my own journey and into the sacred mystery of the world at work. Thank you, Aimee!
Would recommend: Yes

Artist, phone and in-person readings, Yukon

"I was in search of a bigger perspective on my life’s direction this year, and my phone reading with Bow & Arrow Tarot and Astrology set me on my course. Aimée's sense of perspective, humour, loving kindness, depth of understanding, and fearlessness in connecting all the scales of life experience using the cards, her intuition, and knowledge make her a fantastic guide for your Tarot journey".

Artist, phone reading, Toronto

"This was such an encouraging experience for me. Aimée is so warm and attentive, I felt very comfortable with her. I found her insights nourishing and deeply compassionate, there is a gentleness which doesn’t exclude detail, nice combination. Aimée was very generous with her time and insights, she made me feel at home. Her knowledge of astrology was very helpful even in my tarot reading, extra bonus! Lastly, her intuition was concise & super revealing, I found myself naturally trusting her insights, she is warmly soulful. Thank you Aimée for sharing your gifts".

 Artist & Yoga teacher

Tarot reading via phone, Nova Scotia

“My tarot reading with Aimée was deep and Inspiring, renewing my perspective

at a time when I felt lost. Her longtime experience with the archetypes of the cards

as well as Astrology, art-making and wild life living all inform her generous Tarot practice.

She unravels the mysteries of the cards with multi-dimensional interpretation".

Vic Cheong

Artist, in-person reading


"Well, that was irritatingly accurate".


Tarot Tuesdays Quick and Clean Tarot reading


"I had a wonderful reading with Bow and Arrow Tarot---her insight was both engaging and accurate! I felt very relaxed throughout the reading and appreciated her imaginative and informative descriptions of the cards. I would definitely reach out for another session--she's a very gifted reader!".

Instructor, Whitehorse

Tarot reading via phone

"Aimée interpreted my birth chart a week ago and I've been thinking about it ever since. I felt so seen

by the stars and the planets, so accurately described and a veil was lifted in my path of understanding of my life,

past, present and future. Knowing someone like Aimée makes me feel a connection to spirit embodied.

It is a true gift to learn about Astrology from her, she is so knowledgeable, passionate and intelligent

with her craft and so open and willing to share these teachings with integrity and care.

Knowing Aimée is a flat out gift!!

Her reading was so accurate and sprinkled with personalized questions and clarifying wisdom.

I would 10/10 recommend her to absolutely anyone remotely interested in Astrology or Tarot".

Artist, Whitehorse

Natal Chart reading via phone, Building Your Vision Workshop participant

"I felt like my reading was handled with care. A space of comfort and trust was created,

which I appreciated because the experience of Tarot can feel quite vulnerable".


Artist, phone reading

Los Angeles

"I had a lovely 45-minute reading! Aimée explained what was going on astrology wise

which made a lot of sense and added a sense of calm.

I asked her to focus on a specific area in my life and everything she said made a lot of sense.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift!".

Personal Trainer, Los Angeles

Tarot reading via phone

"Aimée's enthusiasm and vitality really flowed through each aspect of my natal chart reading.

With so much information being doled out, it could be easy to feel overwhelmed, but 

Aimée really gave each aspect of my chart a deep grounding in which I could truly feel

myself reflected and communicated with. Her love of all things Astrological is clear and inspiring!".

human, Toronto

Natal Chart via phone

"Aimée has been able to guide me toward new insights with her Tarot readings that

continue to inspire greater truth for the questions I’m asking.

Her creative approach has given me a  deep understanding of my circumstances

by guiding me therapeutically and creatively

during this sacred experience with her cards". 


phone and email readings

New York City


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