Special Announcement about in-person readings
updated May 20, 2022

I'm grateful many clients and readers of my Tarot column

ask me when and where I will be

offering in-person Tarot and Astrology readings again. Thanks!

For now, I continue to offer my readings via --



FaceTime Audio,

and What's App.

When this changes! I will announce

locations for readings on this website, via newsletter, and Instagram

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Some folks are concerned telephone readings will not be as insightful.

I find quite the opposite to be true!

There are fewer distractions of all kinds in a telephone reading,

and it is a safe space; we can be assured we won't transmit illness during your reading.

Telephone readings can be much easier on the reader --

-- when you are receiving a Tarot reading,

I am occupying a very special place for you in relation to spirit,

entities, and other conduits of information. 

Telephone/audio readings make all these factors a little easier for me

to navigate in these extra-intense times.

When the time is right, I'll announce

Summertime pop-up locations for 15-minute readings. 

For the time being, readings are offered via

telephone, What's App, and FaceTime Audio.


Please feel free to book your reading, private class, workshop, or gift certificate here!

Homepage via this link.

Many Blessings of health and peace to you and yours!