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               Why Tarot?


The Tarot can nourish and inspire your spirit, enliven your body, fuel your creativity. For me, the Tarot is magically practical. Refreshing and uplifting. Tarot engages you with the beautifully helpful world of archetypes, insight, symbols and messages.


The Tarot can help you find and re-find your dreams. Tarot is a productive process, where you encounter advice and tools to gain new perspectives. Readings can be soothing and fun too.

Of course, each Tarot reader has their own ways, beliefs and protocols. All the writing on this site is from my personal perspective, from my lived experience with the cards and other forms of study.

In my experience and practice, Tarot provides insight, advice, and important tools for:

creative processes, love, relating and all relationships in your life, travel, healing processes, parenting, money and work, dreams, shifts in perspective, communicating with loved ones, messages from pets, receiving messages, removing blocks, missing items, making choices, discovering options, finding information you've been missing, locations and spaces, health, family, creating plans, finding comfort, wellness, light and deep realizations, any life or health improvement, ways to find love, places to find love, repairing what's broken, finding what is lost, seeking what will support you, and celebrating and supporting you and your loved ones.

Tarot gives predictive insight and support, helping us see what possible outcomes and rewards will follow our choices. Insight gained through Tarot is surrounded with wishes of peace and love from benevolent spirits.

Tarot is supported and powered by love. I walk in paths of truth and light, beauty and protection in all my Tarot and related practices. By practicing Tarot, I am engaging with, and am, surrounded by love and protection --

-- we are not alone. We all have times of worry, confusion, blockage, concern, grief. The Tarot shows me time and again, we are all supported during hard times beyond what we may be able to perceive. Yes, your Ancestors (and many others) have your back! In times and cycles of joy and prosperity, the spirits are happy with us also. For this reason, I encourage sharing joyful and hopeful questions  with the Tarot as well.

Seekers! You have wealth of support available to you through the Tarot. Take heart and take a breath, you have in your hands, the ability to make things possible.

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