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Tarot and Astrology readings with Bow & Arrow Tarot offer you fresh perspective and practical tools for change and re-balancing.

I started studying Astrology and Tarot when I was eight years old. I've always had sight; it runs in the family! I love studying the metaphysical, spiritual, predictive and other arts. I'm a dancer and writer, visual artist, performer, improviser, collaborator, producer, and recently PhD student. Please feel free to check out my dance practice via this link!

I'm forever grateful for my Astrology teacher, Julia Wawrzyniak-Beyer. Julia is a genius, especially of Astrology. Thank-you Julia!

It was my pleasure to be the resident Tarot reader for Bombay Peggy's (Dawson City, Yukon in 2013) and Likely General (Toronto, Ontario). In 2012 and 2013, I read at both Dawson City Music Festival and the Atlin Music and Arts Festival (Atlin, BC). All incredibly fun!


I was honoured to read for everyone weekly at Tarot Tuesdays at the Gold Pan Saloon on Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon, starting in 2019, and again in 2022 and 2023. Now, in Guelph for my studies, I'm offering Tarot Tuesday at The Cornerstone! Thanks everyone at The Cornerstone! 


I feel fortunate to have an Ancestral relationship with divination, it means my readings are quite practical while being deep and fun.


My Tarot readings are bright, revelatory, focused, highly insightful. I use sight, the Tarot and archetypes of the Tarot, and divining tools, systems, and symbols with Astrology to interpret your unique, special, and highly useful, inspired messages for you from your loved ones and Benevolents. I observe my Tarot protocols and prayers for good, light, peace!

May it harm none.

You can read more about my Tarot practice via this link.

I offer Tarot and Astrological services via telephone, email, online via What's App or FaceTime Audio. See options for phone/online, in-person,  and email readings via this link!  Readings for team, group, and gatherings are possible. 

I also offer Astrological Natal Chart Readings, Astrological Relationship and Synastry Charts, and Date Selection Services (to help you choose travel dates, record launch dates, wedding dates, fundraiser dates...).


I love to design and offer Tarot workshops -- Building Your Vision, Tarot for Artists, Sex, Death, and Rock n' Roll, Design-A-Card, and Archetypal Women of the Tarot: Little by Little. 

Check the online booking calendar for current offerings!

Köszönöm!        Merci!        Thank-you!       Shä̀w níthän.

                May it harm none. Nem árthat.

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Aimée Dawn Robinson, Aimee Dawn Robinson
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